How To Play

Packetwars is a Sport like nothing you have ever experienced! Games known as “BATTLES” pit individual players and teams against each other in a race to achieve defined objectives.

The rules of engagement are simple:
– Illegal activity of any kind is prohibited
– Protect yourself at all times
– Battles are designed to be of a low, medium or high difficulty level based on the battle objectives and battle duration
– Primary, Secondary and Tertiary objectives are defined and assigned points based on difficulty
– Battles have time limits and other defined constraints
– Constraints are sometimes known to the combatants and other times are not
– Anything that is not expressly prohibited is allowed
– Points are awarded for FLARE

Equipment Needed:
– Most combants use a notebook and a Kali Lunix distro or live boot disk however you are only limited by your imagination and bank account
– Sponsors are needed but can help offset expenses
– You need a battle field and a PacketMaster…Oh yeah, skillz come in handy also!