PACKETWARS(TM) is an intense, real-time Cyber Operations Simulation. Unlike other “capture the flag” games, the battlegrounds featured in PACKETWARS(TM) are designed to simulate real-world engagements and campaigns.

PACKETWARS(TM) is designed to operate like a sport. Think Formula One Racing meets World Cup with a dash of Professional Wrestling thrown in for good measure. Public and private battles provide combatants the opportunity to train and be assessed in a fast-paced and “safe” environment. Serious fun!

The 21st Century sport of PACKETWARS(TM) is sponsor driven. Sponsors are recruited based on a rigorous assessment process, ensuring alignment with our technical requirements, culture and strategic vision. Please consider our relationships with our sponsors as an endorsement of their offerings.

Attack – Defend – Survive! Do you have what it takes?