HSK Packetwars Invitational Update:

For the first time ever we will be streaming the HSK Packetwars Invitational live on Twitch

Since we can only meet in cyberspace this year, we decided to donate the after party budget to “Organizations for Good”. So the teams will not only be playing for fame, glory and bragging rights but for their favorite organization too.

Join us on 12-12-2020 @ 8:00AM Eastern Standard Time 1:00PM GMT(UTC) on Twitch.tv/angusblitter -stop by to cheer, jeer and peer or you can just sit there quietly and watch πŸ˜‰

Cracker Jack: Find The Prize

Click on the pic to start your journey to the prize!!!

β€œβ€¦at the very bottom of the bag you find your prize – a USB Drive with a single file referencing some kind of Operational Briefing from 2017 – #WTF2020” -Happy Hunting Packet Warriors

Drop it like its H0T!!!

HSK Invitational is indeed happening this year. Take your medicine. Stay tuned for details.

-Angus #WTF2020

H2HC 2019 Annual Packetwars Challenge

Hey sports fans. Anyone attending H2HC this year please consider joining other “neighbors” for some friendly competition to “P0wn Th3 H0m3”.

Ohio In The “HOUSE!!!”

Packetwars is heading back to Columbus (June 13th & 14th, 2019) for the next installment of 614Con. Can’t wait see all our old friends and meet new friends. The venue has changed, but don’t fear there will still be beer πŸ˜‰ We will be registering combatants via the new Packetwars Portal. So look for details here, there and at 614Con. Hope to see you in Columbus.

Heading to Heidelberg for Troopers 2019

Something “fishy” is going on in Germany. Join me, the ERNW crew and brave packet warriors as the take up the challenge and try to Attack, Defend, Survive & Prevail in Heidelberg.

PW @614Con

We are proud to announce we will be attending 614Con again this year to Attack, Defend and Survive!!! Details will be forthcoming but we plan to have a small table with some swag and packet warrior essentials you might be needing πŸ˜‰


“Oh yes I will be there…..will you?”


Hendrik, Brian and Pascal facilitated an epic Packetwars battle in Soa Paulo over the weekend. Four mega-teams gather to do battle at this year’s H2HC annual hacker conference. Yours truly oversaw the carnage remotely and am happy to post the final scores (below).

And The Winners Are…

Day-Con XI is Done and Dusted – We had an incredible cyber challenge on Saturday September 23, 2017. Operation: Some Like It Hot! provided an opportunity to save humans and the environment from unknown threat actors. The combatants all performed admirably but there were 3 teams that rose above the others πŸ˜‰



1st place Team 3 INT 0X08

2nd place Team 5 Kairos

3rd place Team 2 R00TINGRAIDERS